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Change Baltimore. Change the World.

I have had the privilege to travel all around the world. Each place I’ve visited has been unique. However, there was one thing I noticed to be a common denominator in every place I visited–American culture. In Mexico, I couldn’t escape the Coca Cola products and advertisements. In Lima, Peru, there were billboards lining the...
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“Your Family is Looking for You”

A few months ago, I had the honor of celebrating my 23rd birthday with the beautiful people of Baltimore. As hard as it is to be a missionary in a new city, God always has a way of providing new and unexpected gifts. This year, I was able to be a part of a miracle...
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Life Lessons from the Homeless #1 – FAITH

“O you of little faith, why did you doubt?” These are Christ’s words to Peter, taken from the passage where Jesus walks on water towards the disciples’ boat. At the beckoning of Christ, Peter steps out of the boat and walks upon the sea, but when he saw the strength of the wind and the...
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The Art of Wasting Time

As missionaries, we are committed to wasting time. Our schedule is frequently blocked off with long hours dedicated to mastering this lost art form. Why are we so committed to wasting time? Have we gone off the deep end after reading a new age pamphlet, abandoning mission work in favor of a bizarre means of...
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Let Baltimore Burn

I know A LOT about fire. Seriously. I’ve spent a third of my life studying fire. I went to a university that offered classes taught by world experts in fire science and spent several years researching wildfires. And you know what I’ve realized more and more? There is SO MUCH that I don’t know about...
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