We are a community of Catholic missionaries who come to know Jesus–the Source of all Hope–through a committed life of prayer. We then carry Christ’s Love to the streets of Baltimore, where we form authentic friendships with men and women experiencing homelessness.

  • “[Their] lives are centered on the Eucharist, and [they] go forth from this Basilica to minister to the poor and homeless in our midst, treating them not as a problem to be solved but as human beings.”

    Archbishop William E. Lori
  • “[An] enlightened apostolate… precisely what John Carroll wanted this cathedral to represent and make real.”

    Cardinal Timothy Dolan
  • “The most beautiful Catholic church in America and one with unparalleled historical resonance.”

    Bishop Robert Barron
  • “An innovative urban ministry… in a deeply troubled city.”

    George Weigel


Our mission is to give Christ a home and to remain with Him, especially in all the places He’s been neglected—the Eucharist, the homeless, and our own souls.


Our community exists to meet the needs of its time, most especially in Baltimore, a city that has suffered for decades. Its dwindling population has witnessed decades of broken promises and disingenuous claims of renewal. The problems are deep-seated; there is no quick fix. Most feel helpless in the face of such obstacles, and many have already given up. Nevertheless, there is one person capable of delivering lasting change: Jesus Christ–the Source of All Hope.

We want to give Christ a home–right here in Baltimore. We are convinced that He longs to alleviate the pain of this city and to dwell among us. Time and time again, we have witnessed Mary’s determination to give her Son a home in Baltimore. Through her intercession, our community has surmounted seemingly impassable obstacles and even flourished. She has asked us to be a part of this city’s revival.


This renewal will only take place if we start by giving Christ a home in our own hearts. We console His Heart by eradicating the apathy of our own. When Jesus entered into His greatest trial, He made a simple request of his disciples: “Could you not watch one hour with me?” What pained Him most in His time of need? The indifference of the ones who were closest to Him. What did Christ desire most? An hour of prayer with Him. An hour of Eucharistic adoration.

Jesus laid out a model for Eucharistic adoration as our essential role in opposing the evils of the world. That is why bringing perpetual adoration to Baltimore was always one of our primary objectives. Thanks to the concerted effort of hundreds of prayer warriors, the Baltimore Basilica now boasts a perpetual adoration chapel–an historic first in the city. We can finally say with confidence that Jesus truly has a home in Baltimore.


Of course, our mission does not end there. As our love for God blossoms, it inevitably bursts forth with fruit–works of mercy on behalf of our neighbor. For too long, factions in the Church have misled many into choosing between social justice and the liturgy. These two arms of our faith were never meant to be separated. Source of All Hope exists to give witness that an authentic prayer life, steeped in the sacraments, always gives rise to selfless love of neighbor.

As we gaze upon Christ in the Eucharist, our eyes are opened to see Him in all our brothers and sisters who suffer. In a particular way, our community sees Jesus–alone and abandoned during His passion–in all those who suffer from loneliness and isolation. For this reason, we go out to the streets. We seek out the outcasts of society–men and women who routinely suffer more from the indifference of others than from physical destitution. The relational poverty that produces and perpetuates homelessness goes much deeper than the lack of a roof.


Our missionaries take a unique and radical approach to the crisis of homelessness. While most programs address physical needs, we focus on addressing the deeper wounds, which are spiritual and relational. Our solution is simple: friendship. We pursue and befriend the forgotten ones in our midst and share life with them day after day. We are NOT here to serve the poor–we’re here to love them.

Our work is hinged on the power of relationships, which are catalysts for true healing and growth. This is not simply a pious belief—we see it working! After experiencing countless setbacks, abandonments, and rejections, our friends routinely lack the confidence or the motivation to take advantage of the opportunities that are in front of them. When they encounter someone who actually stops to listen to them, to see them, to know them, to love them, they begin to unlearn the lies that have been deeply rooted in their hearts. They begin to transform because they see their inherent goodness. In turn, our friends show us the face of Christ, help us recognize our own poverty, and help us believe in our own goodness. We need them as much as they need us.


On July 10, 2018, Fr. James Boric launched a bold campaign to make the Baltimore Basilica radically available and bring in missionaries who would literally take Christ out to the streets. His initial letter went viral, and people came out of the woodwork to support Baltimore’s newest initiative—called “Source of All Hope.” Read More

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