Support Us


If you believe in our mission, consider tithing to us each month! Monthly donors are eligible to join the Source Force community.

More ways to help


Walk alongside us in our mission by supporting us financially or materially.
Donate food, resources, or your time. Help our friends experiencing homelessness know they are not forgotten.


Become a spiritual supporter, offering up your prayers and sacrifices for the missionaries and their friends on the streets of Baltimore.
Become a business partner or offer your expertise/resources on behalf of our shared mission.


Enroll in a community of consistent givers.

Gain benefits that unite you to our mission–to carry the Love of Christ to a suffering city.

Who is eligible?

  1. Monthly donors
  2. Weekly adorers at the Basilica

What are the benefits?

  1. Our annual print magazine
  2. A name, photo, and story so you can pray for one of our friends experiencing homelessness
  3. A Christmas card from the missionaries
  4. Occasional discounts on merchandise
  5. Be the first to hear community updates and tips on encountering Christ in the Poor
  6. Submit your prayer intentions to our community
  7. Gain the support of a community on a shared mission

How do I join?

  1. First, sign up to donate monthly or take a weekly adoration slot.
  2. Then, sign up at the link below!

Pray for Us!

Your prayers make our mission possible! All weekly adorers and weekly prayer warriors are automatically enrolled in the benefits of our Source Force community.

Collaborate with Us

Become a business partner or offer your expertise or resources.

Source Partners

We are grateful to those organizations who are supporting the Source of All Hope Mission.

Saint Philip Neri

Roman Catholic Parish
The National Black Catholic Congress
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