Embrace a daily rhythm of prayer and the Eucharist as the heart of all we do.


Live in a household of young men or women urging one another on towards holiness.


Benefit from daily spiritual, intellectual, and human formation.


Encounter Christ in the Poor. Bring Adoration to Baltimore. Evangelize. Lead others on mission.


We believe that authentic friendship is transformative. Our friendship starts with a radical life of prayer and then flows into the streets, where we encounter and befriend Christ in the homeless. As we accompany our friends from the street through joys and sorrows, they teach us what it means to love. We then share this love with all we encounter, bringing the needs of our friends before Christ in the Eucharist—the Source of All Hope.


Accompanying our brothers and sisters–many of whom suffer tremendously–is beyond our strength. We have no choice but to rely on Jesus, the Source of ALL hope, to sustain us. For this reason, a committed life of prayer is the pillar upon which all other aspects of our community hinge. Missionaries come to know Jesus through a daily rhythm of prayer, Eucharistic adoration, and spiritual formation… Read More


Dwelling together as a community of brothers and sisters is one of the greatest blessings of our life. As we experience the acceptance of others in our community, we discover that, despite our flaws and inherent brokenness, we are still lovable. Our work with the poor begins at home… Read More


Our world does not need another social service; rather, it is in need of authentic witnesses who have surrendered and configured their lives to Christ. For this reason, the primary work of Source of All Hope is the formation of young men and women into saints. This is accomplished through daily opportunities for spiritual, human, and intellectual formation. We follow the model of discipleship set by Christ, who invested heavily in a close-knit group of friends before sending them out to proclaim the Kingdom… Read More


We take a unique and radical approach to the crisis of homelessness. While most programs address physical needs, we focus on addressing a deeper poverty–the pain of loneliness and isolation on the streets. Our approach is simple: we pursue and befriend the forgotten ones in our midst and share life with them day after day. We are not here to serve the poor–we’re here to love them… Read More


Risk an encounter with Christ in the poor. You will never be the same.

Year of Mission

Who: 12 young men and women

When: August 15, 2022 – Summer 2023

Fundraising: $500/month

Monthly stipend + Room & Board provided.

Winter Break Mission

Who: 10 participants

Where: Baltimore, MD

When: Winter 2023

Cost: FREE!

Summer Mission Trip

Who: 10 participants

Where: Baltimore, MD

When: Summer 2023

Cost: TBD

Friday Street Walks

Who: College-aged men and women 

Where: Baltimore, Maryland

When: Every Friday @ 1:30 PM

Cost:  FREE!

Saturday Meal Ministry

Who: Any person 18 years older 

Where: Baltimore, Maryland (Martin Luther King Boulevard and Pratt St.)

When: Every Saturday @ Noon

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