Missionary Life


Embrace a daily rhythm of prayer and the Eucharist as the heart of all we do.


Live in a household of young men or women urging one another on towards holiness.


Benefit from weekly spiritual, intellectual, and human formation.


Encounter Christ in the poor. Bring Adoration to Baltimore. Evangelize. Lead others on mission.
We believe that authentic friendship is transformative. Our friendship starts with a radical life of prayer and then flows into the streets, where we encounter and befriend Christ in the homeless. As we accompany our friends from the street through joys and sorrows, they teach us what it means to love. We then share this love with all we encounter, bringing the needs of our friends before Christ in the Eucharist—the Source of All Hope.

“That one day spent in Baltimore with the homeless completely changed my heart. I needed that day—I needed to encounter Jesus Christ in those people.”

Tara L.
Mission Participant

Street Ministry

On the streets of Baltimore, we encounter homeless men and women who have been forgotten and rejected by society. We walk established routes so that we can encounter the same individuals, who come to know us as friends and allow us to accompany them through their joys and sorrows. This aspect of our apostolate is simultaneously heart-warming and heart-breaking. It’s always an adventure, and the relationships that are forged in this context transform both us and the people we serve. Ultimately, it is because this encounter with the poor is an encounter with Christ.



Our work with the poor includes supporting those who are spiritually impoverished. This takes on a variety of forms, including facilitating small groups, putting on events for Baltimore’s vibrant young adult community, and sponsoring men and women in RCIA.

We also invite others to accompany us in our street ministry–an experience that consistently transforms the individuals who come out with us! Hearts are moved as people come to perceive homeless men and women not as a distant problems, but as fellow human beings and even friends. As missionaries, we simply facilitate a face-to-face encounter with Christ in the poor, and the Holy Spirit does the rest.

Community Life

Dwelling together as a community of brothers and sisters is one of the greatest blessings of our life. As we experience the acceptance of others in our community, we discover that, despite our flaws and inherent brokenness, we are still lovable. Our work with the poor begins at home.

Our weekly schedule is characterized by a rhythm of fraternity, which includes communal meals, time reserved for fraternity and relaxation, sharing an apostolate, praying and cleaning and laughing together, and many opportunities to urge one another on towards Christ. Moreover, we make it a priority to invite others into our fraternal life–through weekly community dinners, our Saturday meal ministry, and guiding local college students who join us weekly for street ministry.


Accompanying our brothers and sisters–many of whom suffer tremendously–is beyond our strength. We have no choice but to rely on Jesus, the Source of ALL hope, to sustain us. For this reason, a committed life of prayer is the pillar upon which all other aspects of our community hinge. Missionaries come to know Jesus through a daily rhythm of prayer (Morning Prayer, Mass, Holy Hour, the Rosary, and Night Prayer), spiritual formation, and retreats.

In our silent prayer before the Blessed Sacrament, we bring the intentions of all we meet before Christ; it is in His gaze that we discover what it means to be truly present with another. Our goal is to bring Perpetual Adoration to the Baltimore Basilica, with missionaries who are willing to keep Jesus from ever being alone in the Blessed Sacrament.

What do you desire?

God has planted desires in your heart to guide you into a unique mission. Perhaps you have a growing sense that God is calling you to share His love in a more radical and intentional way of life. Are you called to missionary life? We encourage you to prayerfully consider applying to our missionary program if you desire any of the following:

Become A Missionary

Risk an encounter with Christ in the poor. You will never be the same.

Year of Mission

Who: Young men and women

Where: Baltimore, MD

When: August 15, 2021 – Summer 2022


Minimum Target: $500/month

Monthly stipend + Room & Board provided.

Summer Mission Trip

Who: 8 applicants

Where: Baltimore, MD

When: June 21, 2021 – June 27, 2021

Cost: FREE!

Winter Break Mission

Who: 8 Applicants

Where: Baltimore, MD

When: Winter 2022

Cost: TBD

Friday Street Walk

Who: Any person 18 years older 

Where: Baltimore, Maryland

When: Every Friday 

Cost:  $0

Meal Ministry

Who: Any person 18 years older 

Where: Baltimore, Maryland (Martin Luther King Boulevard and Pratt St.)

When: Every Saturday 12:00 p.m. 


If you have any questions about our community, reach out to us at sourceofallhope@gmail.com.

We’re happy to chat with you as you navigate the discernment process!

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