Fr. James Boric was hurt to the core by the immensity of suffering he saw from the steps of the Baltimore Basilica. So, on July 10, 2018, he launched a letter, detailing a vision to make the Basilica radically available and bring in missionaries who would literally take Christ out to the streets. This campaign went viral, and people came out of the woodwork to support Baltimore’s newest initiative—called “Source of All Hope.”

That same summer, Colin Miller, following a strong impetus in prayer, embarked upon the streets to encounter the homeless men and women of Baltimore. When Fr. James and Colin were finally connected, they immediately shared a vision for a new missionary community. On the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe—the same day Fr. James was assigned to the Basilica—Colin became Source of All Hope’s first missionary. He was quickly followed by Nathan Belk, and the mission officially launched on the Feast of the Assumption.


We are a missionary community of young men and women who believe in the transformative power of authentic friendship and who desire to bring Christ into all the places where He yearns to find a home.


Our missionaries are equipped to become leaders in Baltimore and beyond through a radical life of prayer, a supportive community life, regular formation opportunities, and a strong commitment to mission. Our three apostolates—street ministry, bringing Eucharistic adoration to Baltimore, and evangelization—all flow from our daily rhythm of prayer.


The Problem

The greatest poverty homeless men and women face is not a physical poverty, but a relational one. People find their way to the streets for many reasons, but nearly all of their paths are paved with broken relationships. The unforgiving environment of the streets, where they are confronted with hundreds of people who won’t even make eye contact or acknowledge their existence, only enhances their isolation.

Our Solution: Friendship

Our solution is simple: friendship. Our ministry is hinged on the power of relationships, which are catalysts for true healing and growth. This is not simply a pious belief—we see it working! Homeless men and women often know where to access various services. However, they routinely lack the confidence or the motivation to take advantage of the opportunities that are in front of them. When they encounter someone who actually stops to listen to them, to see them, to know them, to love them, they begin to unlearn the lies that have been deeply rooted in their hearts.

This is the power of accompaniment. Although many necessary services are being made available to our homeless friends, almost nobody is willing or able to go out to the streets to share life with them day after day. This is our role as missionaries.

Source of All Hope

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